Thursday, September 16, 2010

My day Mayday

I had lunch awhile ago with a good friend, and she kind of tied up what my brother and Laurence were telling me, she was Godsend and it felt good that she is one of the very few people who can understand me.

I was told that I'm Psychotic, tortured and dark, which is pretty much how I am I guess, it's not a good thing, but hey I'm heading towards the light and choosing life.

It's been exactly 1 yr that I haven't touched KAT or COKE, and I still wake up everyday thinking and craving it, I think to myself, will this Addiction ever Die!

Just got back from my psychiatrist last night and she thinks I'm bordering on the line of Manic Depression, which isn't as bad as Bipolar but I guess any sort of depression isn't good, but hey I know where my depression comes from, and it's a secret I take to my grave.

I just heard news the other day that really saddened me, the news that us Chinese are murdering our own kind, first a shootout in Cyrildene and then a murder at the old age home. I think to myself..........Where have all the Good people Gone??

So tired, so dumb, so numb.

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