Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's See

"I'm only happy when it rains, I'm only happy when it's complicated, I'm only happy when it rains...pour your misery down, pour your misery down on me"
These are the song words from the band "Garbage", it kept on playing in my mind this morning, I have no idea, why I remember the words, I just do.

The nice thing about taking your own pictures (whether it be with your cellphone or point and shoot camera) is that you your own judge and that there is always a story behind the image that you take, I mean if you think about it, why do you take a picture of something, random or not, the stories behind images are the nicest things around. I just want to take pictures of everything, I can just see myself getting up at 10am every morning, going to a side cafe on the street corner, whipping out the camera and start taking pictures of everything.

I think I can do Street photography, only problem is that you need to watch your back the whole time, and that's the scary thing.........
Oh well, there is so much stories to tell on and from the streets, it's like a separate entity altogether. Behind every image is a story, and I want to be the one telling a story.

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jagged ice supernova said...

so funny....my ringtone is "Milk" - Garbage...