Friday, April 23, 2010

In the Mix

It's been a bag full of emotions, just heard the other day, that some of the reps aren't happy with my work, so the tell Paulette to tell me instead of them telling me directly, all I can say is...."Why bother anymore", been taking shots of Bedford Centre and their afternoon concerts, felt really good about that, feel like I can start going into People photography, so much to learn so little time. Been feeling as Strange as the weather, Volcanic eruptions, earth tremors, I feel like the world is falling apart, I still feel that if the end of the world is nigh it's end, I'm going to sit on a hill, and buy the biggest rock money can buy, and just blaze it up.

On a lighter side, the only thing making me happy now are the Photography classes, we got put in various groups this week, our group is doing Portraiture, and it consists of a Stylist, Photographer, Art director, Model and Light director. I want to do Lighting, I still feel I need to learn alot from this. Can't wait to see what happens from this.

Been feeling like the weather, some days sunny, other days gloomy, my only escape is SLEEP!!

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