Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Third of June 20 ten

Just watched a very interesting documentary last night, it was about the devil making it's way into the world through music, especially Hip Hop, have you ever noticed that Hip Hop has gone darker, I mean they wearing shit like skulls and stuff, whereas that kinda shit used to be tied to heavy metal and stuff. The interesting thing about it is that I normally don't believe in any of this, but watching this documentary really opened up my eyes. I mean big names like Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihana are all associated with the cult, really scary stuff, very disturbing indeed.

It's just way too much to blog, and after watching the documentary last night,I came to a conclusion......."We are not privileged that we know God, we are privileged that God knows us" read this carefully and then you'll understand.

Peace out Bloggers!!

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jagged ice supernova said...

That last bit is so true, and an amazing line! About, being blessed that God knows us....what was the documentary called? Want to try and keep a look out if its ever on again?